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22 December 2010

Pushing my luck, me thinks!

This is the mess that greeted me this morning. Not a very happy mess as you can see. I had a lovely day considering it was the anniversary of my Mum's passing. I was up in time to see a tiny sliver of the lunar eclipse before the haze finally hid it from us. I lit a candle for Mum, placing it on the hob where I could see it (she liked cooking too) then spent most of the morning in the kitchen making more sugar scrubs (decided to do sugar again instead of the salt), making the rosehip vodka, covering the christmas cake with marzipan, and making chocolate covered marzipan sweets. Then hubby took the kids into town after lunch so they could finish their own little bit of shopping, so while they were out I managed to get the lego mat nearly finished (just need the handles adding) and two of the side-of-the-bed-storage-thingys nearly finished. Then after tea I thought I'd do the rocky road. The recipe calls for dark chocolate but I know everyone doesn't like dark chocolate so I used milk chocolate instead. Well, next time I will follow the recipe as I ruined two batches (£16 I certainly can't afford to replace) of chocolate and butter and all the other stuff that goes in as the milk chocolate separated!! Apparently, the dark chocolate should be used as it has a lower fat content - new lessen learned (the hard way) for me eh! I left in sat there otherwise it may have decorated the kitchen for me ;o) and went and wrapped some pressies instead. All-in-all it was a lovely solstice and Mums candle went out of it's own accord while I was disaster-ing in the kitchen.


Becks said...

Thinking of you yesterday Shell. So glad you are finding ways to get through this anniversary and finding comfort in the small things. And the disasters too ;-)

Dawn said...

I was thinking of you yesterday.
Busy times, lots of making, shame about the chocolate though x

(blogger must also feel sorry about the chocolate - the word verifier is "deario")

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Hugs about you mum, it must be so hard with her anniversary being so close to xmas.

Witht he choc did any liquid get into it at all?I have used all kinds of choc and it all goes well...but all "curdle" in to lumps if water and such get in to it. Its not inexpensive either.Hopefully everything will even out in the next 72 then you can rest and enjoy yourself.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Glad you had a good day even with sad thougths of your Mum's passing.

:-( re the choc incident too, I never use dark choc in mine and always use milk chocolate but do microwave melt it and then add it to the syrup and butter covered biccies and then add the rest.