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19 December 2010

No housework to be done until next week?

See, those snowflakes up there? I made those....with a pattern....ALL by myself.....I read a crochet pattern!!!!!!!!!!! :o). They're from Attic24, such a wonderful blog, very easy to follow instructions, with pictures too. I'd seen some stars somewhere else so I thought I'd have a go at those too - no pattern, just looking at the pictures. Once all the yule crafting is finished there may be a minor snowflake flurry in the house.

These, along with a crochet snowflake (think I may have mentioned those all ready ;o) ) are my season swap. Don't know if the person I've sent them to reads this blog but I couldn't wait to show you.

On with the yule crafting then. Here we have the finished bath bags. So easy to make as they take minutes to put together. I made lavender ones and chamomile ones, so I just put a handful of oats and a handful of dried flowers into the middle of a square of muslin, then pick it up by the corners so you can make the bunch then fasten with ribbon. Easy peasy. The sugar scrub was even easier. 2 cups of soft brown sugar, 1/2 cup sunflower oil, 1/4 cup of jojoba oil and 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil, then 40 drops of essential oil of your choice. For this one (as my sister loves sweet smelling things) I've used cinnamon. Mix together in a bowl then put into your chosen container. When my shopping arrives I'm going to tie a couple of cinnamon sticks onto the jar as well. This smelt soooo good I nearly licked my fingers once I'd scrapped the last bits off the spoon!!!

On and off throughout the day I managed to make 12 more gift bags. These ones were super easy as I just cut a rectangle out of fabric, folded it over to make the bag the stitched all the way round. These will be fastened with ribbon tied on them or around them depending on what's in them. The two bundles at the front are the cocoa butter hearts wrapped in muslin.
I must tackle some of the washing today as I can't find the corner of my bathroom and the kids keep asking me for clean pants. I probably should clean the bathroom too, and maybe hoover the house at some point, as we also have a birthday in the house on Monday, which means guests will be in and out all day. Erm.....


Claire said...

You have been busy! Lovely looking things they are too.

I've just discovered attic24 too! Crochet patterns aren't too bad once you get your head around them. Ravelry has some easy patterns too.

Good luck with house work!

Pippa said...


I love the crocheted snowflakes, they are sooo pretty! Looks like you've been very busy and having lots of fun in the process. Still not sure about that H word though.

Joxy said...

I sat up and cheered myself by reading through Lucy's old blog posts the other day when I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. The landscape is very smilar to where I grew up, so it was very nostalgic.. and the lovely colours etc she uses.

There is a "We love Lucy" forum on ravellry too :-).

Love all the makes and the snowflakes.

Hehehe, my season swap involves snowflakes too.. although not those particular ones :-)

BTW you can stiffen them using diluted PVC glue but I have been told it can yellow over time. You can also use a sugar glaze but of course it can attract ants.

Spray on starch is the easiest if you have any :-)

Mind, with the glue you can also spinkle glitter over while stll wet ;-)

Florrie said...

Love Attic 24, your snowflakes are gorgeous, I made her teeny flowers but those snowflakes look quite difficult.

Thanks for the "how to" for the sugar scrub, it looks a lovely gift.

You create all these wonderful things AND housework........wow!