'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

09 December 2010

My responsibility

(Thought it was about time I showed myself)


When I have my breakfast in a morning I sit at the computer for half and hour, catching up with the green parent forum, checking emails and reading blogs. These blogs are so inspiring for me, the crafty things these ladies make, the things they do with their day, the places they live, the observations they make on life - their life. This morning I was sadden by one, and then a few more who seemed to follow suit, who was obviously having a bad day/week/month/year but seemed to pinpoint one particular blog for making her feel she was not good enough. It's been on my mind all day, firstly because I've never seen this on a blog before and I was quite shocked, and secondly because surely the only person we can be is ourselves. We answer to ourselves and no-one else. If we give ourselves goals to reach, lists to achieve, standards to adhere to, then we are our own judge as to whether we have reached them or not and should not compare ourselves to anyone else. I apologise if I have overstepped the mark but I just needed to get this off my chest as it was bothering me. I know that I have my handmade yule list, but if I don't manage to make everything on it it won't be the end of the world, but it won't be anyone else's fault either.


Pippa said...

Yay, that's a lovely, happy photo!!

I don't know which blog you are referring to, but I agree with your sentiments. I also think that what people blog about only reflects a fraction of what goes on in their lives and you need to remember that behind every neatly sewn seam, or batch of home baking is probably a mountain of hashed up WIPs and a bumper box of Mini Rolls and frozen pizza in the background. That's the way it is with me anyway and if I started blogging about all my domestic failings, where would I end and would I want to focus on that anyway?

I love your blog as it inspires me with all the things you make and I love seeing what you get up to and your take on things. Blogs are just a window on someone's life, not a full 'dolls house' view and people need to remember that before they judge I think.

Jacqui said...

I think I know what one you mean, and it has been troubling me too. I heard what was being said, but there was something nasty about it too. I have been composing a post all day but you have said it better than I could.
I love your picture - what fab hair and a beautiful smile. xx

Claire said...

You know, before reading anything today, I had a revelation, about inspiration. How it is a double edged sword. One action can be inspiring for one person, or lead to feelings of inadequacy for another. It is no-ones fault, just mind-sets at a particular time. But whenever you put your life out in the open for people to see, you are putting yourself in the position of either being that inspiration or for generating feelings of inadequacy. (not that I can imagine me generating either!!).

Anyway, on a lighter note, thanks for the soaps, they smell divine, can't wait to start using them. Thanks again.

Becks said...

Fairly sure I know what you're referring to ;-) And yes reading back I can see how it can be read in many different ways and that there may be an undercurrent I at first didn't realise. Such a pity the written word can be interpreted so many ways and that what one see's in one light another see's so differently.

As to setting goals I guess it all comes down to personality types in the end - some of us are dreamers, some perfectionists, some realists, and some impractical. As long as we balance all sides then we get along great, just sometimes we let that balance tilt and we need a little reminder of who we really are and what we're capable of.......
You know sometimes I think I prefer dreaming about making to the actual making lol. Your blog certainly has me on the dreaming, you have created some wonderful things and I love to come see your latest work.
Blessings to you and yous.

Becks said...

PS - lovely photo :)We really are a shy lot out here in blogland aren't we?

Theresa said...

Great quote!

Pippa said...

Ah, a couple of days later and I've caught up and think I know what this post refers to (I come from the Fens, I'm a bit slow! :))

But I agree even stronger with your post and totally understand your need to get your feelings aired and off your chest - makes me want to do a similar thing too!!

I love blogs like the one that is being held up for scrutiny at the moment, I've bought this lady's books and they have given me loads of ideas and inspiration. I love seeing what people can make, what talent is out there, it makes me want to have a go, because it reminds me of how much pleasure I get from crafting and I love to see other people getting passionate about it too. I know I'll never be as good as the folks on these blogs/books, but it's something to aspire to and I love it, even if my attempts are never going to see the light of day.

It would be a huge shame if people with talent couldn't display their makes on their own blogs for fear of making somebody feel inferior. Blogs are there to connect people, like-minded people, give us a place to show others who are interested what we're up to and what means a lot to us. I doubt that anybody blogs just to p*ss off other people or make them feel inferior and if that's the way somebody with real talent makes you feel, then shouldn't you be working on your own self-esteem, rather than blaming them and linking up with others with similar insecurities?

Keep crafting lovely lady, keep inspiring us and thanks for blogging about this, because I think it's important and in the age of mass-produced goods, craft and creativity needs to be championed and exhibited more than ever. Creativity is a basic human need. We have decorated, sculpted, carved and embroidered all the way through history and the greatest artists through the ages have gone on to inspire others and that's how we've achieved the beautiful works of art that we have today. I'm not as good as most of the talented craftspeople who's blogs and books I enjoy, but that's not their fault and I'm glad they're there to give me something to aspire to. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

:-( I also come from the fens too like Pippa but still have no idea whose blog you are talking about - not sure i want to however as I think it would sadden me too :-( I love my little blog and would be really upset if someone slagged it off, it is such a personal thing.

Gina said...

Ah Shell, I'm sure my post plays a part in all this and I have deleted it as the idea that it would be construed as unkind or flippant or disrespectful of another mother's beautiful life horrifies me. My post was supposed to be light hearted pointing out my insecurities and the relief of letting go and accepting that my best will be good enough after all. It never occurred to me that it would come across as nasty or unkind and with hindsight that was naive.

What a timely reminder to think carefully before speaking (writing) flippantly.

Love Gina xxx

Woolly Wanderer said...

A truly lovely photograph. I love the bunches!!

I've had fun this year using some of the wonderful free patterns on Wee Folk Art. They helped me out with my season swap, came to my aid when racking my brains for lightweight postable birthday presents and thanks to them I'm nearly the proud owner of matching mitts to a knit in the round hat I made from Ravelry.

Long live crafting sites!

San x

Florrie said...

I'm relatively new to blogging but I must admit that reading the post I think you are referring to left me feeling uncomfortable.......surely if something you read makes you feel insecure or inadequate it's best not to carry on reading that particular blog.

I love the diversity in blogland and feel everyone has something amazing to contribute no matter how small or insignificant they think it may be.....I like to think we are all there to help each other along and inspire each other.....may it be baking a cake, knitting a scarf or even those blogs that champion organisation in the home.......something I am totally hopeless at but would love to improve at.

Thank you for this post.......for being courageous enough to put into words what I think many of us were feeling.
florrie x

Dawn said...

So true, lovely.
No idea what was going on though :-)