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17 December 2010

Two more done

Our chrismas puds plus a dinky one for my Nan instead of a cake.

The general cards all done - just Hubby and the kids to do now but they shall be made with felty things I think. Not much left, right?!


Jenevieve said...

The cards look great and I'm sure the puddings will taste lovely, are they difficult to make? Maybe I should try that next year. Well done for crossing more things off your list, I just seem to keep adding things to mine! :) x

Dawn said...

Wow, you've been busy. I go offline for almost 2 weeks and look at you and all your lovely makes. Looking fabulous and I love your tree, ours was bigger than we planned too but lovely.

Great to catch up with you x

sara said...

You have been busy. Lovely handmade cards.