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15 December 2010

I should be in bed but I'm soooo excited

I managed to get some needles for the machine last week but today has been the first time I've managed to use them as I had a couple of felt food bags to make. Anyway, after making a few gifts bags (see below ;o) ), and once the kids were in bed and hubby had gone to work I got his man bag out again. The first seem just didn't want to go, and I managed to break another needle!!! I persevered, slowly, and look!!.........it's finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a pocket on the inside for his phone which I hadn't had chance to measure so I just guessed - well the phone fits perfectly!!!! You'll have to excuse all the exclamation marks but I'm just so happy and relieved that I've got a few more things off the list.
(Note the quality control inspector)

(gift bags which need the ribbon threading in)

This is the pyjama case which I've made for JJ. I have a feeling it's going to be too small, but I'm sure he'll find another use for it if it is :o).


Jenevieve said...

Love the makes they look great! Well done for persevering with the machine, I hate it when the needles keep breaking! :) x

Becks said...

Lovely makes...as always.
And good for you finding sewing time, even if it is at the cost of your sleep. Hey, there's more nights to sleep through lol.
Best wishes.