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05 December 2010

How to clear the roads of snow....

The 18 inches of snow had compacted itself down so there's only one way to shift it! Good job we have a good farming community round us.

Geranium rose and plain lavender ready and in the shop :o).

JJ and I sat and made some of the bath bags the other night. And I've finished one of the puppets which will go in the kids stockings. Got half of the next one done as well. I'm still without a needle but I'm trying to concentrate on other things until I can get into town.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend :o).


Claire said...

In Finland, when they get compacted snow like that, they just put down stones, they sink into the ice, and you have a new road surface! But just lots of loose stones to deal with when the ice melts, perhaps a digger is a better bet!

Love the puppet!

Jacqui said...

Can you send him up here? lol
I love the puppet - very cute. xx