'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

27 December 2010


That's what I am, just blooming exhausted. Christmas feels like a million years ago already - it didn't even feel particularly special! We usually get all excited about the possibility of having a white christmas but as we've had snow for the last month that excitement wasn't there. Hubby's shifts meant that he was on a weekend of nights for christmas eve, christmas day and boxing day. They do a draw to see who can have a shift off (they go down to minimum manning) and he managed to get christmas eve and boxing day off but he's then on call to see if he does actually get those shifts off! Waiting 'til 10.30 at night to see if you have to go to work does take the excitement out of it a bit. And my handmade yule list. I'm really pleased with the amount I managed to get done. There were some things I didn't get done, but when I think about the amount of time I didn't spend with the kids, I feel rather sad, and a little bit guilty. I know the older ones arn't that bothered but JJ should have had a little more attention from me. And I apologise if this bit sounds rather ungrateful, but why do people buy crap for gifts. I'd much rather I didn't get anything at all - that the money went to a charity - than some of the gifts I received. That really does sound horrible of me I know, but it's just such a waste of their money, and it's more stuff that will just end up in the charity shop. I'm going to go now before I whinge anymore.


Pippa said...

Aw Shell, don't be hard on yourself. And don't forget that Christmas isn't just one day. If you feel like you've missed the children, then you've still got this time to spend time with them while the house is still Christmassy and everyone is still in 'holiday mode'. As soon as we're all feeling better, I want to take my lot out to feed the ducks and go on some long, walks in the snow, we've hardly done anything because somebody was always going to be left out because they were too poorly.

I think YOU need a pamper hamper, or at least somebody to remind you that you're doing a great job and haven't let anybody down. I bet all the time you were making and sewing, the children were around you, able to talk to you and show you their things weren't they? Right now though, you need a treat, a family day out or a family day IN doing things that will realign the balance. This week between Christmas and New year can be very flat and stagnant, perfect time to rest, take stock and treat yourself in whatever way you can.

You made me laugh about the cr*p presents comments. Get them rounded up and shipped off to a charity shop asap, because somebody will love them. Keep smiling and get thinking of something lovely to do with your family this week. xxxxxxxxx

Woolly Wanderer said...

I think you have done a fantastic job of making all those gifts. I can sympathise with the exhaustion, I made what I could and it was a fraction of your list and yet I had many silly o'clock bedtimes hence feeling knackered as a result!!

Pippa is right you need some pampering.

Sending you a hug and Christmas blessings San xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Another exhausted Mum here too, what with the kiddies waking all night Christmas eve and work :-( Sounds like you did a fab job making so many gifts well done!

Becks said...

Aw Shell, don't be so hard on yourself! You did what you did with the love of your family as your guiding light. I'm sure they will love their handmade gifts for years to come. And JJ is there for ever, don't think about the time you think you missed with him, instead think about filling all the time you still have. You are a loving, caring warm mama and your boys know that, even if you aren't seeing it right now.
Sending you so much love and joyful blessings and hope that you can give yourself a little break now and enjoy some leisurely crafting :)

Oh and as for the tat, agree with Pippa - ship it off asap. (Shh - or maybe Ebay to buy something more welcome to yourselves?)

Big mamma frog said...

yeah, having that post-christmas come-down here too. All that work and sometimes it's all a bit of an anti-climax isn't it?

As for people buying tat...yeah been on the receiving end some years and probably on the giving end too lol.

Not everyone knows how to home-make things or has the time. I'm the only one in our family who does homemade gifts, so they probably all think I'm nuts.

But hey-ho. I wouldn't do it if I didn't get some pleasure from it, and I'm sure, despite the hard work, you've got great pleasure from making the things you have too.

Helen_D said...

Hi. I totally agree about cheap presents and rather having nothing. A few years ago, alot of our presents were just stuff that we didn't need and went to the charity shop. We've cut down on now though as when we had children and extended family have said they're only buying for the children not the adults which is fine by us!! My family are pretty good at asking what we'd like rather than just buying us stuff. Totally with you on that one though.

Hope you can taker time to rest and re-cooperate over the next couple of days. Take care.

Joxy said...

Also hun, think of the wonderful legacy you are giving JJ. He is part of a family that cherishes handmade and quality over crash commercialism :-)

And as my boy rather insistently told me this morning - Christmas isn't really over... so there's time to sit and play a game with JJ, a cuddle, read a book and go out for a ply at the park or a walk around abouts :-)


Jacqui said...

Hugs Shell - JJ and the older boys would see what a real Christmas, made with love was. Also, i think the long spell of snow and cold just made everyone quite preoccupied, and Christmas somehow got a bit forgotten, as we struggled through. I was reading The Long Winter, and for the Ingalls family then, it was much the same.

Claire said...

I've had a conversation with Luke recently, With me saying why do I do all this home-making stuff when I could just go out and buy something, just like all his friends were doing, but he was so proud that we were doing Christmas this way, and taking time to make things. So whilst you may not have had time to play, you will still be giving the children something. Something they cannot get from anywhere else, a love for craft, time, and a route away from commercialism.

Hope you are feeling a little more rested now ((( hugs)))