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13 December 2010

Distracted ;o)

We went to get our small!!! tree yesterday so we all got slightly distracted with the decorating. And as I seem to have my sorting out stuff head on, I bagged up a few of our old christmas decorations ready to take to the charity shop tomorrow.

Not as many piccies to show you because of previously mentioned distraction but heres another new card for the shop and then 2 more tubs made out of the felted blanket that I got on the bootsale. Not sure what the deeper one is for but the other is for our remotes.

The snow has brought an amazing amount of birds to the garden, from the starlings to the wren, but last week we had 12 (yes 12!!) yellow hammers eating the chickens grain in the back garden and then yesterday we had 8 wax wings in our front garden eating some berries. Unfortunately there are no piccies as the yellow hammers were too far away for my old camera to get a descent picture and then I was too busy excitedly squealing and looking through our bird book to get one of the wax wings before they flew off. If I'd have thought about it at the time I should have taken a picture first, and then had a look through the book...nevermind :o).

Look what must have got disturbed while pinching nuts from our nut basket - the faeries left they wares by the door. We now have to make a door mat and a shopping bag for them as they can only carry 2 nuts in their basket ;o).
Just a couple of small things to add to my scarily unfinished list then :o).

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Claire said...

Waxwings WOW! I've never seen any of them, but would love to.