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22 January 2009

Another hat!

I finished the day-glow handwarmers yesterday (Ds2 has disappeared with them) so I thought I would start on a hat for myself (not the first one - I just never seem to get the sizing right) with the same wool that I made my thumbless handwarmers with. I used Soulemama's hat pattern and added a few more stitches so the gauge was right this time, then knitted away. I finished it this evening but the bloomy thing still doesn't fit!!!!! I like my hats to cover my ears and come down to my eyebrows at least but it's too short. I'm just not meant to have a hand knitted hat for myself :-(. Maybe it's because I haven't found the right shade of wool yet - purple really isn't my colour. I'll just have to look much harder won't I.
Can't decide whether to try the pyjamas next or knit the handwarmers for my sister :-/.

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