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17 January 2009

Back to yesterday

After spending another hour this morning cleaning up the mess left by my brother's children (aaarrgh) I needed to come on and unload some of the stuff from my head. I'm the one who kept Mum's personal cards that she had been given as the other two couldn't see the point in having them. Maybe it's just me clinging on to her but I feel every need to keep things like this. The sorting out was difficult because we were all being very polite and saying things like 'I don't mind...' so we probably didn't end up with some of the things that we really would have liked. Anyway, it's easier to do the piccies as a list so here goes:-
  1. Ribbons
  2. Flowers, cords, bows and bells
  3. Chalks, glitter and glues
  4. Stamps, punches and scissors
  5. Peel offs
  6. More paper, embellishments, stickers and rub offs
  7. Christmas fabric panel and Christmas tree skirt panel
  8. Christmas fabric
  9. More paper and bits

There is still some bits to sort out. We also decided that the parchment stuff would be left together and then used by whomever wants to use it as we felt it was something that couldn't be split. The same goes for the brass stencils.

Right, back to tidying the house........

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