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28 January 2009

(Blushing) More Bargains and treats (blushing some more)

After taking the kids to the library today I ventured into another charity shop where I know there to be a wool box. I came out with a few balls (8) and 2 rolls of handmade paper which we shall make handmade books with. When we got home there was a parcel waiting for me from my Monday escapades on Ebay with 4 balls of gorgeous wool and my first pair of bamboo needles (all in a sale I might add). Then I come on here and read the comments from Claire and feel slightly embarrassed that my secret is out (hehe). Anyway, I've calmed down now and say proudly that I am a hoarder, but at least I use it all - it may take me a few months (or years) but I will use it ;-).

1 comment:

Claire said...

My darling, I shall enter you into e-therapy for your addictions! Good find though - I never think to look into charity shops for wool etc. I know where I shall be on Saturday now...xxx