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04 January 2009

I thought I had some stuff

Well this is my bed after picking up all my Mum's craft stuff from her house. I knew she had alot but I wasn't prepared for this. These pictures just don't show the true scale of it all. Not really sure where we shall be sleeping tonight ;-).

This picture is just some of the paper and card stock that she had.

This is her Christmas fabric box which is full of wadding and fabric that she used for her stockings and advent calendars.
I feel better for getting it all but I didn't think I would feel this down knowing that she's not going to use it any more. Looking at the numerous things that are half made or pictures that are ready for using in something, is so sad. I now need to arrange for my brother and sister to come and spend the day so we can sort through it all and share it out.

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Joxy said...


Im so sorry about your mum honey. It is lovely that you have things that will stay with you forever though and each time you make something, there will be a little bit of her there too.

I've lost both my parents, the grief does become less raw over time... honestly.