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02 January 2009

Ramblings & purchases

Got some Lavendar essential oil today, ready to go into the bath melts. I've got my eye on some silicone moulds on Ebay as well, so hopefully I'll be able to have a go next week.

This was one of those purchases that you instantly regret. I'd got half an hour to kill waiting for the train so wandered into a magazine shop......and came out with it. I'm trying to cut down on un-necessary spending and be more natural and resourceful when it comes to my crafting, so I was really mad with myself for buying a more 'commercial' craft magazine that tells you you need to buy this or that to craft. I'm very happy with the Living Crafts magazine that I've been introduced to, so I definitely won't be repeating this purchase.

I forgot to put a picture up of my secret Christmas present that I'd made. It was a hat for darling hubby using the Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit Air wool. Don't think he was impressed though as he'd mentioned he liked to green, but I didn't think he would want to match Ds3 with the hat - how wrong can you be. Never mind, better listen next time hadn't I?
I went back to the socks last night...the grumpiness has worn off ;-). Knitted just over an inch so feeling a bit better. Must do the knitted monster if I can tonight, as we're going to see Mum's partner on Sunday.

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Kitschen Pink said...

Happy New Year! Lovely hat!! t.x