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12 January 2009

Bargains OR Must stop buying things

I've felt like I was going mad these last few days as I've had no time at all to myself. So this morning I went to town by myself, yes I said by myself, for 3 whole hours ;-). I went to the charity shops and the library and it was great. On my travels I found the same Jean Greenhowe book that my Mum had (she knitted us and the grandkids a scarecrow each) for 79p, a stitch encyclopedia for £1.50 and a large bag of wool for £3.00, fantastic.

When I got home there was a parcel waiting for me too. Another ebay purchase 400g of red and black pure wool for £9.50. I will knit a hat that hubby will wear ;-).

While I was out I wore my handwarmers and they were fantastic.


Liz said...

That red and black wool looks fabulous!

Michelle said...

That Jean Greenhowes book should come with a warning lol. That's the one that started my obsession with knitting toys. I'm making the cinderella doll for a friends daughter for her birthday.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive bargains there, but I'm more impressed with the 3 hours by yourself ;)


shell said...

3 hours is a very rare treat indeed