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19 January 2009

Busy weekend

Well I've spent a very busy weekend trying to juggle children and re-arranging/incorporating all my craft stuff with my Mum's craft stuff. I've had to take out the material from my drawers and buy a box (plus one for the wool) because I just couldn't fit it all in the drawers. I've now got my cardmaking/scrapbooking stuff in the drawers (and a few bits left at the side of the bed) and the new boxes. Sorted through the kids stuff as well - blimey they do make a mess of it all :-) - looks tidier for 5 mins at least. I've had no chance to do any knitting or anything so I'm making myself sit down tonight to do some.

I would also like to have a go at making some pyjamas with the material I got from Lucie on the GP forum.

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