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29 January 2009

It's not my fault

Just look what I've got today. An old friend popped over on his way home from work and gave me a carry bag. He'd been clearing out his loft and found 20 balls of wool that had been his dear Mum's and he decided to give them to me. How could I refuse such a wonderful gift? I best get knitting really fast because I now have no room in my very big wool box (no comments about e-therapy please Claire - it's not my fault you see ;-) ).

I had seen this gorgeous black knitted bag somewhere (can't remember exactly) which had ribbon to tie it and sequin/beads sown on the outside, which I was going to knit. When I got the wool yesterday in the charity shop there was this gorgeous pink wool (possibly mohair although I'm not really sure as it didn't have a label) so I decided I would knit it in that instead. I started yesterday with my new bamboo needles and got just over half done. I'll hopefully finish it later.

I have to say that the bamboo needles are fantastic - I keep stroking them, they are sooo smooth and warm and lovely. Sad arn't I.


Joxy said...

I'll join the sad club then, cos I lurrrve my bambo crochet hooks :)

shell said...

I'm so glad it's not just me :-)