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15 January 2009

Keeping busy

Had to keep busy this evening otherwise I would have ended up in a terrible mood. I'd started some more handwarmers yesterday after I finished that hat (just had to keep knitting) so I carried on with them. Got one finished and I've started the 2nd. My eldest has claimed them already. There are actually 3 more pairs that I have to knit for people, then I would like to experiment and knit some ribbed ones and some with just a hole instead of a thumb piece. I've actually bought some 4.5mm DPN today to see if they knit tighter with this wool as I don't know the weight of it. I'm actually not that sure what size needles I'm using now - I thought they were 5mm but they look so much bigger than the 4.5s. Must get a better ruler to measure them :-).

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