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05 January 2009

Hard day

I managed to sort out Mum's stuff into piles (rather boxes) of paper, tools, books, envelopes, stamps, inks, etc last night so we could stack it all somewhere and get into bed. Made me quite low with everything else that I have going on too (none of it particularly good). Today I have managed to sort out the envelopes into 3 piles (for brother, sister and I). It actually took me 15 mins just to sort out these out.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you some of the bits she'd made. This next picture is one of my favourites. Done with parchment, the camera doesn't pick up the detail properly.

Another piece of parchment that she'd made ready to put onto a card.

She'd stamped this picture then coloured it using tints.

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Michelle said...

Wow, your Mum was one very talented lady. Sending you lots of hugs as I know from when my Mum had to sort through my Nan's things that it's not an easy thing to do.